Quarter 1 2015-2016
Posted Below are the TENTATIVE assignments. I wanted to post things in advance as I know you all have busy schedules and it is my hope this will help to better manage your time. Please be aware that this is TENTATIVE and subject to change. You should be checking the website at least once a day.


Additional Resources
M 8/24 A
- Welcome to class
- Review of materials
- Animal Cards
- Goals
- Summer Assignment
- Class Website
- Tonight's HW
Period 3 Sign up instructions

Period 5 Sign up instructions

- Ranking Environmental Challenges
- Get syllabus and safety contract signed

- Part 1 of summer assignment
- Chapter 1 HW due on Wednesday.

T 8/25 B
- Warm-up
- Collect Paperwork
- AP Exam info and score
- The Lorax

-Chapter 1 HW
- Finish Lorax questions
Full College Board Course Description
W 8/26 A
*Chapter 1 HW due
- Warm-up
- Discussion on Where Do you Stand / Lorax.
- Fishy Activity
- Read the Tragedy of the Commons (link below)
and answer the Tragedy of the Commons questions.

Tragedy of the Commons
Th 8/27 B
Class Meetings
- Warm-up
- How well did you read? Kahoot Quiz
- Tragedy of the commons power point/discussion

- Finish Questions from Fishy Activity from yesterday

- Finish Questions from class and
begin working on Chapter 2 HW.

F 8/28 A
- Chapter 1 Notes/Video: Fierce Green Fire
- Chapter 2 HW Due on Tuesday
-Home Video Questions due on Monday
Fierce Green Fire is available on Netflix if anyone is interested in watching it again :)
M 8/31 B
- Warm-up
- Collect Home Questions / Hand back graded work
- Finish Video & Discussion Q's Chapter 1
- Begin Nature of Science Group Work

- Chapter 2 HW
Roosevelt and The Environment
Leopold Excerpt
Muir Excerpt
Carson Excerpt
Chapter 1 Practice Quiz
Chapter 1 Textbook PP

T 9/1 A
- Warm-up
- Collect Chapter 2 HW
- Finish Nature of Science Group Work
- Begin Reporting on Environmental Racism

Link to case studies:
Inductive & Deductive WS AND Positive and Negative Feedback WS

W 9/2 B
- Warm-up
- Feedback Loops and Reasoning
- Continue working on Reporting on Environmental Racism
Exp. Design HW

Study for Test Chapters 1 & 2

Th 9/3 A
- Warm-up
- Reporting on Environmental Racism
Study for Test Chapters 1 & 2
Come with questions you may have from Chapters 1 & 2
Topic Outline for Ch. 1 & 2 Test

Chapter 2 Practice Quiz from textbook
F 9/4 B
- Finish Filming Newscast
- Chapter 1 & 2 Questions before test on Tuesday????
Study for Test on Tuesday
Chapter 2 PowerPoint

T 9/8 A
Test Chapters 1 & 2
Chapter 3 HW

W 9/9 B
-Finish Filming last newscast
-Review Chapter 1 and 2 Test Answers
- Kahoot: Prereq. quiz
Chapter 3 HW

Th 9/10
Popcorn Relay
Finish Popcorn Relay and Chapter 3 HW

F 9/11
Warm-up: 9/11 Environmental Health Effects
Food Webbing Activity
Chapter 3 HW due on Tuesday 9/15

T 9/15 A
Warm-up: Four trophic level food chain from web
Video Clips Food Chains and Food Webs
Finish Food Webbing Activity
Complete Feeding at a Lower Trophic Level
Begin working on Ch. 4 HW due on 9/21

W 9/16 B
Notes: Pyramids

Finish Food Webbing Activity
Begin Food For thought Questions
Finish Trophic level questions from class
Chapter 4 HW

Th 9/17 A
Warm-up: Read first page of Lab
Turn-in: Trophic Level Questions
Owl Pellet Lab: Finish Questions for HW
Finish Owl Pellet Lab
Chapter 4 HW

F 9/18 B
Warm up: Trophic Cascade
Collect Owl Pellet Lab
Cycling Questions
Chapter 4 HW due Tuesday 9/22

M 9/21 A
N cycle notes
Finish Cycling Questions
Chapter 4 HW due Tuesday 9/22
Nitrogen Cycle Video Clip
Nitrogen Cycle Steps
T 9/22 B
Chapter 4 HW Due
C, P, S, H2O cycle Notes
Law Notecards (Summer Assignment) due Monday 9/28

Th 9/24 A
Competition Virtual Lab Website
Finish Virtual Lab
Chapter 3 PowerPoint

F 9/25 B
Change through chance
Law Notecards (Summer Assignment) due Monday 9/28

M 9/ 28 A
Check Law Notecards
Predator/Prey Interactions Activities
Brood Parasitism Article and Q's

T 9/29 B
Finish Predator/Prey Activity
Finish Graph and Questions Predator and Prey Interactions.

W 9/30 A
Selection Notes
Begin Succession Questions


Test Chapter 3 & 4 on Monday 10/5

Th 10/1 B
Interims Issued
Chapter 3 & 4 Test Questions?
Finish Succession Questions
Finish Succession Activity
Study for Test Chapter 3 & 4 on Monday

Chapter 3 Quiz
Chapter 4 Quiz

M 10/5 A
Test Chapter 3 & 4
Begin working on Chapter 11 Homework due Friday.

T 10/6 B
Species Diversity Activity
Finish Species Diversity Lab and continue working on Chapter 11 HW

W 10/7 A
Work on Wanted Posters
Chapter 11 HW due Friday

Th 10/8 B
Finish Wanted Posters
Chapter 11 HW Due Friday

F 10/9 A
Chapter 11 HW due
Chapter 3 & 4 Test Review
Time Permitting: Cane Toads
Endangered Species HW
Finish Invasive Species Poster
Start Chapter 5 HW

M 10/12 B
Collect Endangered Species HW
Zebra Mussels Overview

FRQ Grading Practice
Poster Presentations
Chapter 5 HW due on Monday 10/19

T 10/13 A
Sub Day
Video and Questions: Planet Earth Saving Species
Work on Chapter 5 HW due on Monday 10/19

W 10/14 B
Sub Day
Video and Questions: Planet Earth Living Together
Work on Chapter 5 HW due on Monday 10/19

Th 10/15 A
Pep Rally
Sub Day
Case Study Grizzly Bears

Work on Chapter 5 HW due Monday 10/19

M 10/19
Collect Chapter 5 HW
Cause of Biodiversity Loss Notes
TED Talk: De-extinction
Chapter 5 & 11 Test on Friday 10/23

T 10/20
Chapter 5 Biomes Presentations

W 10/21
Chapter 5 Biomes Presentations
Study for Test

Th 10/22
Safe Passage Presentations
Study for test

Fri 10/23
Biome Presentations
Study for test!!!
Test Review Topics

Chapter 5 PowerPoint

Chapter 11 PowerPoint

M 10/26 A
Happy Birthday
Ms. Mongano
Finish Biome Presentations
Aquatic Biomes

Test on Wednesday
Study for test!
Chapter 5 Practice Quiz
Chapter 11 Practice Quiz

T 10/27 B
Finish Aquatic Biomes
Test Review
Study for Test!

W 10/28
Chapter 5 & 11 Test
Work on Chapter 6 HW

Th 10/29
Mark and Capture Activity
Finish Mark and Capture Activity
Work on Chapter 6 HW

Fri 10/30 A Half-Day End of Quarter
Quadrant Random Sampling Activity
Finish Quadrant Sampling Activity
Work on Chapter 6 HW

Turn in Chapter 6 HW
Population Count Videos
Mini Transect Activity: Poop there it is!
FRQ review

Review MC Answers
Hand out 2nd quarter packet
Chapter 6 Notes

Finish Notes
Biologix Video