Quarter 3 APES

Chapters to be covered:
Chapter 14 Homework:
Chapter 15 Homework:
Chapter 16 Homework
Chapter 17 Homework:
Chapter 18 Homework:

In Class
T 2/2
Anthropomorphic Environmental Disasters
Chapter 14 HW due Today 2/2
W 2/3
Anthropomorphic Environmental Disasters
Midterm Review

Th 2/4
Disaster Presentations
Begin Geologic Timescale

T 2/9 SNOW DAY #7
Since we will not have class, please go through the PP on Mining and take notes. You will need to understand why minerals/ores are important, types of mining, human health effects and *most important* the environmental effects of mining.

  • There is also HW, which is an article and questions
Read the article and answer the questions

W 2/10
Finish Anthropomorphic Presentations
Ch. 14 Notes
p. 2 Ch. 14 Review Crossowrd
Th 2/11
Cookie Mining
Finish Cookie Mining Questions
F 2/12
Dance Assembly
No 5th period today.
Greg's Rap

Plate Tectonics Notes
Chapter 14 Practice Quiz.
Quiz Next Class.
Quiz Tomorrow

Tuesday 2/16
Snow Day # 8 (Joel you were right)
Well.....I told you it was coming. Today's snow day assignment isn't too bad. You get to watch a movie. This is a documentary called Gasland. You are to watch the first 47 minutes and answer the first page of questions 1-18.
Here is a link to the movie OR it is available on Netflix!

Message me if you have any questions. Enjoy the movie.
Quiz tomorrow ch 14 and anthropomorphic environmental disasters.
Wed 2/17
Quiz/Test Chapter 14 and Anthropomorphic Disasters.
Continue Gasland
Read the article and answer the questions:

Begin Chapter 15 HW
Th 2/18
Climate Change Pre-Assessment
Fracking Clip
Finish Gasland
Chapter 15 HW
Fri 2/19
Warm-up: Climate Confusion Among US Teachers

AP Exam Sign Up
Discussion: Climate Confusion Among US Teachers and Why Reasonable People Doubt Science
Your Answers to the Climate Change Pre-Assessment
Chapter 15 HW Due Monday
Monday 2/22
Notes Chapter 15
Link to a good outline of the chapter.
Ch. 15 HW
Tues 2/23
Chapter 15 HW Due
Finish Ch. 15 Notes
Video Clips
Ch. 16 HW
W 2/24
El Nino Webquest

Finish Webquest
Ch. 16 HW
Th 2/25
Review El Nino
-Video Clips
2002 El Nino FRQ review
Chapter 16 HW Due Monday 2/29
F 2/26
Finish Notes Chapter 16
Video Clip: Cowspiracy
Chapter 16 due on Monday
M 2/29
Warm-up: Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar Acceptance Speech
Today in class: I breathe what?
T 3/1
Criteria Pollutant Chart
Cartoon Guide Questions
Finish Cartoon Guide Questions

W 3/2
Particulate Matter Lab Day 1

Th 3/3
Ozone Questions in packet p. 55-61
Finish Ozone Question
Fri 3/4
Turn in Ozone Questions
Finish Particulate Matter Lab Day 2
1. Collect your slides; put to on right away. No more than 5 minutes
2. Use Stereoscope or Microscope to count PM on slide
3. Finish Lab and Questions
4. Rinse out petri dishes and allow to dry on a paper towel on the lab station
5. Put slides in soapy water bin by front sink.
6. Turn in Lab or finish for HW.
Finish Lab if needed . Study for Chapter 15 & 16 Test on Tuesday.
M 3/7
Test Review
Chapter 15 Practice Quiz
Chapter 16 Practice Quiz
Chapter 15 PP

Chapter 16 PP

Great Video Review of Air Pollution!

Video Review of Climate Change

Video Review of Ozone
Study for test chapter 15 & 16 on Tuesday
T 3/8
Chapter 15 & 16 Test
Begin Chapter 17 HW due on Monday
W 3/9
Water Water Everywhere Activity
Finish Questions
Th 3/10
Local and National Water Use Questions

Finish Questions. Work on Chapter 17 due on Monday.
F 3/11
5 a days
Aylito's trek
How to make filthy water drinkable
Ms. Mongano's Water Bill
Chapter 17 due Monday
M 3/14
5 a days
Collect Chapter 17 HW
Chapter 17 lecture and BINGO

Water Loss Drop By Drop
Finish Water Loss Drop By Drop questions
Begin Chapter 18
T 3/15
5 a days
Groundwater Notes/Diagram
Beginning of Blue Gold
Work on Chapter 18 HW
W 3/16
5 a day's
Running on Empty: The Colorado River
Water Diversion Table
Chapter 18 HW Due Monday
Th 3/17
5 a day's
Dams' overview
Finish Water Diversion Table
Chapter 18 HW Due Monday
F 3/18
5 a day's
Three Gorges Dam Video Clip
China's Three Gorges Dam
Social Impact
The Yangtze River
Environmental Issues
Chapter 18 HW
M 3/21
5 a day's
Bracket update
Chapter 18 Notes outline
Study for test on Thursday
T 3/22
5 a days bracket update
Finish Chapter 18 Notes outline
Study for test on Thursday
W 3/23
WWT diagram
Study for test tomorrow

Bozeman Water Resources Video
Bozeman Water Pollution Video
Chapter 17 Practice Quiz
Chapter 18 Practice Quiz
Th 3/24
Test Chapter 17 & 18
Spring Break HW

Mon 4/4
19 classes until the AP Exam!
Switch Video and Questions
Chapter 19 & 20 Packet Due Wednesday
Tues 4/5
18 Classes until the AP Exam!
Switch Video and Questions
19 & 20 Packet Due tomorrow
Wed 4/6
17 Classes until the AP Exam!
Chapter 19 and 20 Packet Due
Switch Video and Questions
Quiz Monday
Thursday 4/7
16 Classes until the AP Exam!
Finish Switch Video and Questions
Practice Energy FRQ
Practice FRQ
Quiz on Monday
Fri 4/8
3 hr early dismissal
15 classes until the AP Exam!
After school practice AP exam**
Grading of practice Energy FRQ
Quiz on 19 & 20 Monday