How to access your online textbook

How to Register for Connect:
  1. Click your class period Period 5 2017-2018
  2. Click on REGISTER NOW
  3. Enter your email address
    • If you already have a McGraw-Hill account, you will be asked for your password and will not be required to create a new account.
4. Select from one of three options.
    • Enter your access code

      FK9D-BY4E-E83C-PQTK-CUF9 and click Submit

5. Next, you will need to fill out the registration form.
    • Click on “Go To Connect Now” to complete your registration and continue to your instructor’s course.
6. You are now at your instructor’s course.
    • This is where you can access your assignments and study resources.
7. To Return to Connect
    • Go to the web address provided to you by your instructor. Again, you’ll want to bookmark it to save time.
    • Once on the Connect homepage, enter your email address and password.